Sunday, 16 December 2007

My 10 Favorite Things To Do In Berlin > Miles Chalcraft

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This time new media art wizz Miles Chalcraft from Radiator / Trampoline Berlin tells us his 10 favorite things to do Berlin.

1. Lying in late in my own bed on a Saturday morning reading a really good book with a cup of tea and X still asleep beside me

2. Sit in a cafe on a bright summers morning watching the world go by - the cafe changes - Friedrichshain Park Cafe would be good for this

3. Going for a trip to Liebnitz See on the bikes in early summer

4. Going to Mauerpark Flea Market on a bright autumn/spring Sunday morning to soak up the atmosphere

5. Going to meet the boys at Potsdamer Platz to see some crap film in the Sony Center

6. Going to Hamburger Bahnhof / Martin Gropius Bau / Kunst-Werke to see a new exhibition

7. Going to a Kunst-Werke opening where there are so many people that I am unlikely to meet anyone I know unless I arrange to

8. Working in Hau 2 and taking lunch breaks in the Wau cafe

9. Sitting in the window seat of KaDeWe cafe during christmas time

10. Walking / cycling round the streets and discovering new interesting bits