Monday, 21 January 2008

25 Things To Do When You Are Naked

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25 Things To Do When You Are Naked >>

Use your nakedness as a diversion while your accomplice steals a submarine

Get coated in oil and feathers and wrestle supermodels on a plastic mat

Sit in your car and see how many ways you can honk the horn before they take you away

Crouch alone in your basement. Mumble incomprehensibly while staring at a picture of your ex-girlfriend

Wrap your head in tin foil and tell others how aliens are bugging your clothes while you take care of your ‚plants‘

Go to a house! You know which one!

Hitch Hike in Texas

Polka! Polka! Polka!!

Shiver while you can

Dance in front of your pets

Go to a couple of bars. Drink free beer with interesting people

Bid on clothes on e-bay

Walk on the moon. I did it! Well, not really - Neil Armstrong

For men: Do the Hoola Hoop on your teenager‘s birthday

For women: Do the Bouncy Castle

Write a blog post

Jump around in your garden in the rain at night

Get dressed

Talk to your grandparents on the phone

Play Ping Pong with "Naturists"

Protest against something

Try to suppress a hard-on

Run with a feather in your bum across the field at a World Sports Event

Howl at the moon

Have a shower

..any more ideas?