Tuesday, 22 January 2008

As Welcome As Satan In Heaven?

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In a recent opinion piece SPIEGEL ONLINE editor David Crossland wrote that Germany is doing a bad job of integrating its immigrants."Maybe it's the Germans' romantic yearning for purity and cleanliness, for a 'Heile Welt,' a 'Perfect World,' that renders them prone to a collective xenophobia," he wrote. "This nation of dog lovers goes for pure breeds."

SPIEGEL ONLINE International invited readers who have experience of living in Germany as a foreigner to write in to share their views. Read a selection of their letters on being an Ausländer in Germany @ Spiegel Magazine Online.

Well.. I didn't leave Germany because they are all racists. That's wrong. It's maybe just half of them. And the other half is either boring, manic-depressed or both.

Just joking..