Friday, 1 February 2008


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Returning from hibernation The Cobra Club have been invited to play Let's Play Records' TOP 50 RECORDS at Newlyn Art Gallery from 7 - 10 pm this Saturday.

There's loads of other crazzzzeeey musical madness going on courtesy of artist Bruce Davies and his Let's Play Records exhibition. Check out LET US PLAY RECORDS for more info.

Saturday's fun includes:

'Learn to Play’ - this is the session for those who never did. Choose a record from the 'LPR' new acquisitions collection and get to grips with vinyl.

'Play Away' – A free play a drop in session for visitors to bring in a selection of records from their own collection or choose something from the 'LPR!' Collection and play them in the gallery.

'Prop - Pose' - make your own improvised guitar in the gallery or bring in 'one you made earlier' and do what you do best on the 'N.A.G' stage to the records from the 'LPR' collection.

Saturday evening - ‘Death Disco’ 7 - 10 pm: Dance to the "Furtive 50” - the people’s choice chosen from the collections on display and from the compiled book of collections and played by the infamous Cobra Club.