Saturday, 23 February 2008

Record Of The Week > MINISKIRT

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Miniskirt is a guitar pop band based in Tokyo. They released their debut album "Woody Allen Likes Guitar Pop" on the German indie-pop label Marsh-Marigold Records. The CD contains 11 guitar pop songs. In the last two years MINISKIRT were touring all over Japan and playing live shows in Germany, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Following some contributions to indie-pop compilation CD's MINISKIRT are currently working on their second album. Good Luck!

Members of MINISKIRT:

Edgar (Germany): vocals, hairdryer, guitar
Tatsumune (Japan): lead guitar
Sachiko (Japan): vocals, flute, accordion
Kenmi (Japan): drums, guitar
Makiko (Japan): bass
Mai (Japan): synthesizer
Taisuke (Japan): guitar

My favorite lyrics:

Mirror On The Sea

what are we doing today we ask ourselves

we are just lying down side by side

we feel so good today now and today

cause I, I love you and you, you love me

I smile at you and you smile at me

your eyes glimpse at me like a mirror on the sea

a mirror on the sea

a mirror on the sea

a mirror on the sea

a mirror on the sea

we set up the alarm for half past seven

by heaven, every day is like every day

and what we do and what we say

is always the same is always the same is always the same

but it doesn't matter anyway

I just like to say --- I love you