Friday, 29 February 2008

Telephone Killer

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Oh.. one more thing: Did anyone read about Prince Harry, the noble warrior? He killed 30 Taliban by ordering an air strike and now he's a hero. And there was this war porn footage on the telly of him, firring a big machine gun at "The Enemy". He also talked about his red hair and that he was happy that he doesn't get bullied by his soldier mates for being a redhead but that they don't do that because he always wears a helmet and they can't see his hair and maybe that's why he doesn't get bullied and also the food was not good. Thank (our) god that he's already on his way back home.

"Hi dad I'm home, I killed 30 Taliban on the phone!"
"Harry, my son!" that's not working..
"Harry, someone else's son! Your mother would have been proud of you! Go tell grandma, she's next door, eating porridge."


Can we please have some snazzy pictures of the 30 Taliban that Prince Harry killed?? And can we please have these pictures on every fucking "newspaper", so everyfuckingone can have a good close look at what 30 Taliban look like that have been killed in an airstrike? Has anyone who reads this killed anyone so far? What's that like? I haven't, so I don't know. Hoe does that feel when 30 people die because you make a phone call? That's probably how old mafia bosses feel. Or serial killers. Or snazzy soldiers. Or Taliban. Or any other wanker who replaces his cock with an automatic weapon. Or a killer phone.

To say it with my man Muhamad Al Fayed: YOU BLOODY IDIOTS!