Wednesday, 16 April 2008

How to reach Enlightenment in this lifetime

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The world is full of suffering and stress. The cause of this suffering and stress is desires of physical instincts. If desire can be removed, and suffering and stress will be ended. Desire can be removed by following the Eightfold Noble Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.

Right Thoughts: Aspire to attain realization of Nirvana, i.e., perfect wisdom, the ultimate true permanent reality.

Right Speech: Abstain from all lying, falsehoods, evil, abusive and frivolous speech.

Right Conduct: Keep the Five Precepts:
1. Abstain from taking life
2. abstain from taking that which is not given
3. abstain from misconduct done in lust
4. abstain from lying
5. abstain from all forms of intoxication

Right Livelihood: Abstain from all evil living and all manner of ill-gotten gain or means of livelihood.

Right Effort: Abstain from all evil states of mind; foster and maintain virtuous states of mind; compassion, pity, sympathy, calmness and tranquility

Right Mindfulness: Regard everything as being impermanent, ill and corrupt: i.e., all feelings, perceptions, inclinations, consciousness, thoughts, mental states, mental images and mental activities.

Right Concentration: Foster dispassion, detachment, and revulsion for the things of the world as being decaying and impermanent. Practice aloofness from evil states of mind, from the senses and all sensations. Practice dwelling in solitude and seclusion, meditating and reflecting with singleness of mind.

Don't lie, don't kill, don't fuck around, don't steal, don't get wasted & meditate. Piece of piss, isn't it? EASY. And if you don't make it in this lifetime: Try again next time!