Sunday, 25 May 2008

THE COBRA CLUB > Battle For The Universe

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£4 with special offers on drinks from 8 - 9.30pm
Miss Peapods, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn

Stupendously idiotic and amazingly clever, more legendary themed madness and general silly behaviour with added ping pong.

Hot on the heels of their return from South by South West (that's a music festival in the U.S of A y'all, yeehahahah!) Birmingham superheroes (or are they villains) Copter and The Big Bang beam in to save/destroy the Universe and kick some bone shakin', rock and rollin, soul funkin' 60s garage RnB hip shakery live in the corner.

Dress: Battle for the Universe, what's your power?

Visit for more information and pass it on.