Thursday, 8 May 2008

Paper Wars & Fighting Sticks

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Paper Wars, an exhibition of the Death Machines
series of paper reproductions of classic
weapons systems at Portobello Road’s Craze

The exhibition features a series of one-off
pieces by an international selection of artists
and designers. Using PostlerFerguson’s paper
AK-47 kit as a starting point, each participant
has recorded a personal reaction to the tension
between the AK-47’s blend of seductive
aesthetics, robust design and murky morality.
Participants include Ben Wilson, El Ultimo
Grito, Oscar and Ewan, Pixelgarten, Hiroko,
Shiratori, Paul Wysocan, Inkie, BASE23/DC|DE
and more.

Also featured is a new addition to the Death
Machines series, the Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun.
First produced by the Swiss company Oerlikon
Contraves in 1914, it was either sold to or
stolen by all sides during WWI and WWII and
continues to be used today.

Paper Wars will be up at the Craze Gallery
from 15-21 May, open from noon until 8pm
daily. Craze Gallery is located at 253 Portobello