Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Ambassador To The Alienated

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Sharmila just found this one >> LEV is the "Ambassador To The Alienated" and his general interests are:

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Gold Toe socks. Brylcreem. Florsheim shoes. Black Ace combs. Dr. Grabow & Captain Black. Original flavor Listerine. Zippo Lighters. Diners. Switchblades. V-Neck T-Shirts. Raincoats. Pocket protectors. Briefcases. Being late for the 5 O'Clock train. KUSF.

I love his clips on youtube and his voice reminds me of the couchsurfer from the US that stayed at our house last month. Maybe all friendly US people sound like this. Well ..probably not. That's just me trying to add some context to my life. Better go for a walk now..