Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The return of the fuckwit with the silly mustache. (No, not Mugabe)

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What the fuck is going on in Germany?? The wax figure of The Ex-Fuehrer is creating headlines on a daily basis since it was unveiled at Madamme Tussauds in Berlin last Saturday. If it would be Stalin, Pol Pot, Bush or some other mass-murderer there wouldn't be such a big taraa about the whole thing. But this is Berlin. Don't fuck with the eternal German guilt about "what happened in the second world war". This is the equivalent of putting up a statute of Bin Laden in front of the White House. But worse.
And while everybody is getting excited, the German Neo Nazis (who scored more votes than the Green Party and the Socialists in some parts of the country at the recent Landtagswahlen) laugh their heads off about this nice pice of marketing. It's definitely more easy to punch off the head of a wax figure than helping some Indian takeaway workers who are trying to run from a mob of skins who get cheered by the whole village.