Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rollo Aller!

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The first clip is from Klaus Lemke's "Rocker"
The most authentic movie about Hamburg in 1970's - Rock'n'roll, sex, drugs, 1970's lifestyle, 1970's hairstyle, murder, prostitution, Santana, bikers, Reeperbahn, and St. Pauli provide the basis for the story featuring Gerd and Modschiedler, the ill-assorted couple (if at all amateur actors, who act themselves) of this fantastic movie.

The last 4 clips are "Rollo Aller", part 1 - 4
After being suspended as a street cleaner, Eule is fed off with society and city life. He steals a moped (rollo) and together with his gambling addcited friend Daddel they go away on a trip to visit Bruce Lee’s grave in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, they only make it to Berlin and after a series of disastrous incidences they remorsefully return home to wife and kids.

Also well worth checking out is "Nordsee ist Mordsee" by Hark Bohm