Friday, 28 August 2009

The Social Media Song

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[words & fictional music: supaswag]

Intro Rap:

See your name - Get the fame - In the game

Blog Writer - Name Dropper - Hard Bopper - Chart Hopper


Everybody wants to be a Pop Star - Rock Star - Interweb Superstar

(Guitarsolo and Trent Reznor - like voice mumbles something about the 'Interweb Antichrist' and the pitfalls of fame. The face of Matt Cutts flashes for a second)

Look at my pretty avatar - My sexy avatar - My pretty sexy avatar

Do you like my avatar? - My pretty sexy avatar?

Come baby stumble me, sphinn me, digg me, touch my twitter feed

I give you Link Love all night long - You and me can sing this song

But only if you love me - Talk about me - Make me a

Pop Star - Rock Star - Stumble Star - Twitter Star

See my name - Get the fame - In the game to be a

Pop Star - Rock Star - Interweb Superstar

(Backwards guitarsolo, more strange mumbling ..fade out)

* The video is a sped up montage of the ghost of Bob Ross in a helicopter, painting a picture of Aston Kutcher, Zaibatsu and Stephen Fry playing Strip Poker while receiving (simulated) oral sex from a long cue of 'followers' in lemming costumes. At the end of the video Bob Ross' ghost destroys his own painting, then jumps out of the helicopter into the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Explosions. ..the faces of Perez Hilton, Joseph Goebbels, Karl Rove flash for a split-second each, Charlie Brooker in a meat costume, firing a machine gun at the audience over & over again. Fire. Screams. White Noise.

Or something like this: