Tuesday, 13 July 2010


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Hi folks

I haven't updated the blog much since the beginning of the year. That is down to the fact that I went traveling in the US, which resulted in the American Road Trip blog, and also spent much more time on Twitter and other social media time wasters. It's just so much quicker and, working on the computer the whole day, I mostly can't be bothered to also spend my evenings staring at the laptop. I am also not sure where to take this blog. Everybody has a fucking blog and the point of Supaswag as a blog needs to be re-defined. I started this blog because I loved the idea of sharing all the beautiful and weird stuff that I found while browsing the net but other people who do that as a full time job probably do that in a better way. I have to come up with something unique, otherwise I feel that I'm just wasting our time.

See you on the other side ; )

ps: If you are bored of reading blogs, here's a good book