Monday, 23 January 2012

Interesting stuff I found on the web last week

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..and the personification/machinification what's generally wrong with the world today:

Monday, 9 January 2012

White Punks On Dope / TV

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When I was a pre-teenage village punk I was in love with Nina Hagen. I had heard her on a record that my older cousin had. There she was on the cover of the record.. all punk hair, smoking a fag, looking like Malcolm McLaren personally manufactured her in his Punk Lab. She was a trained opera singer and grew up in East Berlin, her mother a famous actress and her dad.. he was probably a Marxist terrorist or some freedom fighter in South America.

So, that's her version of White Punks On Dope by The Tubes. She wrote some great German lyrics for her version about hanging around and watching the telly, delivered in her weird operatic dada language. It was everything that my parents didn't understood condensed in a couple of minutes. Perfecto.

I later actually met her when we supported her at an open air festival in the late 90s. I was very late for that gig because for some strange reason I got there by train instead with the others from Berlin in our shitty little rent-van and there were two towns with the same name and I ended up in the wrong one and then had to take a taxi to drive for ages to the right town, so everybody had to wait for an hour for the support band to start which was quite embarrassing but I remember her having a chat with us afterwards and she was very sweet and even knew our band.

This is The Tubes' original version which is also one of my favorite tracks from this era..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cafe Racer Pictures

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I finaly bought a motorbike. After years of denial I got a 1973 Honda CB125 S from Ebay which I christened 'Piccolo Bastardo'. The breaks are a bit shit but it's very loud, so I might survive because you can hear me coming from 10 miles away.


I like the idea of a bike in the living room

Next year I might upgrade to something bigger, but not too big. I like the idea of a small, light bike. Maybe something like this:

But that's $8000, so that's not really realistic, huh? Fuckin' hell.. where do I get $8000 from?! Maybe I should put Adwords on this blog and make some extra dosh with you and you and you ; )

Here are some nice cafe racer style bike alternatives..

I think this is my favorite:

It comes with a knuckle duster. Nice detail.

Sexy bike moto blogs I like:

Corpses From Hell
Bubble Visor
Ze Last Chance Garage Du 78
Eat The Rich

I nicked the pictures above from all over the web. If you have the publishing rights to any of them, please drop me a mail [supaswag at] and I'll take them down if it's a problem for you.