Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cafe Racer Pictures

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I finaly bought a motorbike. After years of denial I got a 1973 Honda CB125 S from Ebay which I christened 'Piccolo Bastardo'. The breaks are a bit shit but it's very loud, so I might survive because you can hear me coming from 10 miles away.


I like the idea of a bike in the living room

Next year I might upgrade to something bigger, but not too big. I like the idea of a small, light bike. Maybe something like this:

But that's $8000, so that's not really realistic, huh? Fuckin' hell.. where do I get $8000 from?! Maybe I should put Adwords on this blog and make some extra dosh with you and you and you ; )

Here are some nice cafe racer style bike alternatives..

I think this is my favorite:

It comes with a knuckle duster. Nice detail.

Sexy bike moto blogs I like:

Corpses From Hell
Bubble Visor
Ze Last Chance Garage Du 78
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I nicked the pictures above from all over the web. If you have the publishing rights to any of them, please drop me a mail [supaswag at] and I'll take them down if it's a problem for you.