Saturday, 18 February 2012

Girls On Bikes? Girls RIDING Bikes!

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I looked at a lot of bike websites recently and learned two things:

1. Women seem to feature mostly as idiotic soft porn models in tasteless lingery, draped over bikes, pretending to 'ride' them.

2. A lot of bikers seem to have a bit of a shit taste in women and a weird attitude towards them:

"Look at the pictures and cast your vote for some of the hottest Motorcycle Babes on the Internet." >>

Err.. no thank you, you morons.

This is how most 'babes' look on bikes:


So, I had a look around for images of girls / women who actually ride bikes: Fearless girls, cool girls, normal girls, sexy girls, leather girls, stunt girls, chopper girls, cafe racer girls, old girls, young girls.. all sorts of great girls.. bike girls!

"I like flowers ..and grease"

Where's your helmet Erika? 

 I really hope this is not just clever posing

Just imagine the excitement of speed in these times. Mental.. 

Frau Shaft on her way to the butchers


 I don't think she's actually riding that bike but it's a great picture, especially with the original censoring

Now THESE are gloves!

Cuban Moped Gang. Everything is better in Cuba.

 Poser Alarm! :D

 She might not ride that bike herself ..but it's a very nice bike

 Well.. this is just a great pic. Great hair, moody look, great machinery.

 I bet her name is Angel. Or Lizzy. 

Call the cops!! Or the airport police. Or the post office.

Lillian.. flirting with ☠