Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sleazy Biker Movie Posters & Halbstarke

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People in the 60/70s seem to have been obsessed by Savage Orgies of Murder, Killing, Blood, Lust, Hard Living, Hard Loving ..and Werewolves on Motorbikes. Bit like today. So, that's a whole movie weekend of CGI-free cheap thrills sorted!

'Hog straddling female animals on the prowl' Just playing around..

'Belted, buckled and booted Superwomen' These Pussycats kill faster!

'Wild and wicked living with no tomorrow' Mega-Mayhem One Day Only!

'He'll take his chopper and ram it down your throat' [the whole thing, down your throat]

This gang found a new type of hell.. THE BRIDE OF SATAN!'
Satan = Werewolf?! Mmm..

'Their game is sex and violence' [and blood and lust of course]

'Chopper outlaws riding their hot throbbing machines to a brutal climax of violence!' In Color

Clearly everybody involved in the production and design of these cinematic pearls was on acid 24/7 ..except from Russ Meyer who was square like a cube. There's a great Russ Meyer biography called 'Big Bosoms And Square Jaws' by Jimmy McDonough and I recently bought a great photo book called 'Rebel Youth' by Karlheinz Weinberger who documented the arrival of Rock'n'Roll in Switzerland in the early 60s. It's full of absolutely amazing pics of rocker/biker youth gangs in all their DIY glory. It shows in a great way how the kids had to invent their outfits which were clearly inspired by US Rock'n'Roll and cowboy movies.

"In Germany and Switzerland the German term 'Halbstarker' was created in the 50s. It literally means half strong. The 'half strongs' were gangs of young people who were looking for an identity of their own. They rejected society’s expectation and were pioneers in the establishment of youth culture through music, clothes and assimilation of American culture.

©Rebel Youth: Karlheinz Weinberger, Rizzoli New York, 2011