Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How I Became a Lazy Arse Blogger

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They say "you need to blog more frequently!"..and they are probably right. Who are 'they'? No idea, but it's funny, Twitter really killed my blogging. Well, that's not funny at all of course, it's a bit sad. Also: Being a bit lazy and having a baby and a toddler does not help my blogging. About a 100 people come here every day and look at stuff, then leave. Some come back, some don't. What's the point apart from me keeping up 'brand supaswag blog'? I dunno tbh. I'm not an expert or a especially interesting/funny/creative guy. I just collect stuff and take the piss out of me and everybody else if needed. My supaswag Pinterest account is doing exceptionally well these days and that's also what I really enjoy: Compile and look at pretty and interesting pictures. Who-are-you-in-social-media test result: YOU ARE A CURATOR. "do what you love and it will be a success." Go figure..

Google+ is now officially showing my mega-impressive 'views' number:

Whatever that means.

Before Pinterest I used to post my pics here on the blog - My own bastard-creations..

Or other people's pics..

Anything really..

Repairing and riding my new moped also takes some time away from the blogging business:

So, it look as if I need to have a think, focus, regroup and come back atcha with something interesting. 

Because .. we were never being boring .. because we were never being bored